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Successful coaching is tough. Coaches need to balance the demands of developing athletes physically, psychologically, socially while trying to produce winning teams. These demands are hard to navigate, and evidence over the past 20 years suggests there are many problems in youth sports coaching.


Children's experience of sport
  • Too early specialization in late specialization sports.

  • Too much training at too young an age

  • Too much emphasis on winning over skill development at a young age.

  • Lack of qualified and experienced coaches, particularly in the younger age groups.

  • Parental fears of children being ‘left behind’ if they don’t engage in the current youth sport set-up.

  • Focus is on college and pro success while the reality is 99% of young athletes will not reach this level.



  • High dropout rate. 75% of young athletes have dropped out of organized sport by 13 years of age.

  • Increase in childhood obesity and related conditions. Obesity now affects 17% of US children and adolescents. Triple the rate of one generation ago.

  • Lack of creativity. Children are afraid of making mistakes for fear of being benched, cut, and shouted out, so they play safe.

  • Diminishing US national sport success. For example, in the 2004 Olympic Games, medals per citizen ranked the US 39th in the world with 0.34 gold medals per million population. For comparison, Australia ranked second with 2.46 gold medals per million population.

  • Incidence of overuse injuries has rapidly increased. Up to 50% of all injuries seen in pediatric sports medicine are related to overuse.


SPG is committed to tackling these issues and has developed a unique, coach friendly, practical workshop that is a must for all youth coaches.


The CARE™ Workshop

The SIMPLY CARE™ environment,developed by Dr. Neal Bowes, Ph.D., as result of 12 years research into the sports learning environment, is designed to create learning environments which maximize the inherent competitive nature of sport, while at the same time developing the essential component of successful performance; task motivation. Task motivation is the inherent desire to develop one’s abilities. Fostering an environment which promotes and teaches this task motivation has an incredible effect on youth athletes, including very high levels of motivation, resilience, robust confidence, high self esteem, seeking challenging activities, effective problem solving & coping skills, and self determination. Anyone who has ever succeeded recognizes the value of these skills.


This unique and exciting one-day workshop is a must for all coaches of young athletes and schools.


One day course outline

  • Understand the principles of the CARE environment

  • Demonstrate how every child benefits regardless of ability

  • Challenge existing practices

  • See the CARE environment in action

  • Use the CARE environment to develop new strategies to help coaches develop a positive learning environment for all athletes


What do coaches get?

  • Key theory and understanding of the CARE approach

  • A challenging inspiring experience

  • Delivery by former player, coach, educator and sports performance expert

  • Resource pack


Please contact Dr. Neal Bowes for details of your nearest workshop or to sign your club/coaches up for a workshop.

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