Kids Programs

At SPG we believe that every child, regardless of ability, has the right to learn skills, feel good about themselves and reach their potential through an environment that supports learning, creativity, exploration, and enjoyment. Our focus in our kids programs is on developing fundamental athletic skills in our unique, fun, dynamic, learning environment (CARE™) that also develops motivation, confidence, high self-esteem and a love for physical activity. Our highly trained & caring instructors bring high energy into class and a love of sport that is infectious to all. Come experience the way youth sports should be…we are confident your child will notice and value the difference.


Our courses run both in schools and private facilities across the Metro DC region.  If you would like to see FAST KIDS or SPORTSMART in your school, please contact Claire @ 703 297 6738.


FAST KIDS™ is a unique and exciting opportunity for your 5-7 year old child to develop their fundamental athletic skills. Fundamental athletic skills provide an essential foundation to enjoy and excel at a range of sports, from baseball to soccer, basketball to lacrosse. Kids will learn how to run faster, dodge quicker, jump higher & land safer, kick further, pass with control, throw & catch any ball and much more. Each of these skills are developed through our FUN maximum participation games, where the emphasis is on learning and having a lot of fun! Individual challenges are set within each activity to fit the different ability levels in the class, ensuring every child is encouraged to work to meet their challenge and gets to feel successful when they achieve their goal (great for confidence and self esteem).

FAST KIDS also provides your child with the unique opportunity to develop the key FAST Mind skills of, focusing on you, working hard, teamwork, not quitting, and challenging yourself. And how to fuel their athletic bodies with healthy nutrition in FAST Fuels. All attendees receive a FAST KIDS Diary, which supports these topics and provides lots of fun activities to learn more. 


Want to be quicker and more agile in any sport, from baseball to lacrosse, basketball to soccer? Then join us at SPORTSMART! Designed and delivered by SPG’s national experts in athletic movement and youth sport, this cutting edge program takes the key movement patterns of sports and uses fun games and exercises to improve speed, movement, agility and reaction on the field or court. 

Your 8-13 year old child will develop the ability to: accelerate and cut in any direction, react quickly to and dodge other players, move effectively in any direction from laterally to backwards, respond quickly to the ball, and stay balanced & stable throughout so that they are less likely to get hurt. We always emphasize great technique and ensure that every kid is challenged, encouraged to improve and receives individual feedback. Kids love SPORTSMART because its fun, they never stand in line, and they can see & feel how much they are improving each session.

SPORTSMART also provides kids with the opportunity to experience our unique coaching environment which develops high quality motivation, problem solving, persistence, high self-esteem and confidence. These key mental skills are also developed in the SPORTSMART Log Book that every kid receives and helps them track their progress over the course.

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