Mental Performance


Dr. Neal Bowes, Ph.D., is a nationally recognised expert in sports performance. His process focused approach to performance and unique performance programs set him apart from his competitors. Neal has extensive experience supporting elite level athletes including work in the English Premier League (EPL)/Championship, pro tours (golf & tennis) and Olympic level. Neal has also supported many of the leading youth athletes across the metropolitan area across a wide range of sports including soccer, golf, lacrosse, tennis, swimming, wrestling, baseball, basketball and softball. Successes include: scholarships to prestigious sporting college programs, turning professional, swimming in the Arena Swim Pro Series, playing at Grand Slam junior events, National & State Champions and All-Met recognition. 


Mental performance services include: assessment, performance programs for youth and adults athletes, college/tournament preparation and coach/teacher/parent education.



  • Specific analysis of the key mental factors for successful performance including anxiety, confidence, motivation, focus, emotional control, attitude, competitiveness.

  • Industry leading sports specific reports outlining how to reach the desired performance goal.

  • On site evaluations by request

  • On course golf assessments



Performance Programs: Youth
  • Unique inclusive monthly support program to include: 

    • 2 x one hour individual sessions

    • Individual performance file to develop independent learning/progress

    • Individual supporting resources

    • Unlimited email support

    • Free newsletter

  • Additional support hours can be added to the monthly support program

  • Skype support available 

  • SPG does not accept insurance.

Performance Programs: Adult


  • Individual & team programs agreed according to performance level, timescale & competition schedule

  • Office and on site training

  • Unlimited email support

  • Skype support available while overseas, travelling for tournaments, in college

  • Support at tournaments & major events/championships

  • Preparation for Olympic Games, international events, pro tournaments/games, national & state events, & college recruitment

  • SPG does not accept insurance.

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