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Being a sport parent is challenging. Most parents lack independent and meaningful knowledge about what is appropriate in the sporting environment. The current sports environment is typically over competitive, focuses too much on winning/losing, and is over focused on early maturation and early specialization. There is significant evidence that the current sporting environment promotes early dropout, high incidences of injury, poor behaviors and loss of confidence and self-esteem for a high number of children. Parents often feel scared about their child being left behind and have no independent source of information & guidance.


Our mission at SPG is to be that independent resource for parents & athletes to ensure they receive the right information. We don’t pick the team; make the selection or the cuts. Our investment is the safety and wellbeing of your child, and enabling them to reach their potential. We dispel myths about youth sport and are advocates for safe practice in youth sport


We offer a range of services and resources for parents in support of their children in sport.



SPG provides a wide variety of resources to guide parents in the youth sporting environment. This includes our free monthly newsletter KidsInSport, full of information & tips for parents of kids in sport.

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Parent Seminars


We run a popular year round program of parent seminars to disseminate key information, dispel myths in youth sport, and to give a forum for parents to ask key questions regarding sports participation.


Example seminars include:

  • How to be a ‘successful’ sports parent

  • How to choose a coach/program for your child

  • Early specialization…is it necessary for success?


Seminars can be tailored to meet groups’ specific needs; please contact Claire Bowes to discuss your needs.

CARE™ Workshop


This workshop educates parents regarding SPG’s unique CARE environment, which is the future of youth sports. CARE enables coaches/volunteer parents to create a process focused learning structure whch is THE key to developing quality motivation and the behaviors necessary for success in both sport and life. 


Course outline:

  • Understand the key learning issues in youth sport

  • Challenge existing practices

  • Understand the principles of the CARE environment

  • Demonstrate how every child benefits regardless of ability

  • Outline what parents should demand and expect from coaches/youth organizations

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