What We Do

At SPG, we change performance. We change the way athletes, coaches and parents think about success and how to be successful. Our process, developmental based approach, emulates the practices of the most successful athletes and programs in the world in how to think, focus, practice and compete. Our method of training benefits all athletes of all abilities, so they too can reach their potential.


From a mental perspective our athletes report greater gains in practice, more consistent competition performance and greater confidence, quality motivation, focus, emotional control and mental toughness than their competitors. Physically our athletes are more agile, stronger, faster, balanced and less injury prone than their competitors. Due to our process approach, our athletes also love the challenge of getting better, are less anxious about competition and overcome setbacks and performance limiters better than other athletes.


Mental Performance

Mental skills training is provided by Dr Neal Bowes, PhD., one of the leading experts in performance. Specialist training in key mental performance skills such as awareness, focus, imagery, goal-setting, confidence, emotional & anxiety control, mental toughness, routines and self-talk and preapration for competiion & college are available.

Physical Performance

Physical training is provided by Claire Bowes, an expert in movement, agility and injury prevention. Specialist training is offered in stability, mobility, power, speed, movement, agility, reaction speed, anaerobic tolerance and endurance . Claire also offers guidance on specific physiological areas that impact athletes, including training monitoring, hydration, nutrition, overtraining and recovery strategies. 

 Areas of expertise
  • Youth athletes

  • College, Pro & Olympians

  • Individuals & teams

  • ‚ÄčAssessment

  • Training

  • Performance programs

  • Coach, teacher & parent education

  • Resources

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