Here's a sampling of what athletes and coaches say about our work.


“It has been four years since I started working with Neal. Neal was able to help me bridge the gap from playing competitively in high school to being the number one golfer on my college team. I was able to go from not playing in tournaments my freshman year to finishing in the top twenty or better in nearly every tournament I played from sophomore through senior year. I experienced advances in my game that I would not have seen without Neal’s guidance. I turned professional about a year ago playing mini-tours. Neal has helped me immensely in the past year to bridge the gap between college competition and golf as a professional player. Overall it has been a life altering experience." - P Jenkins, AZ Gateway Tour Golf


“Thank you for everything you have helped me with! My attitude and confidence is worlds better than it used to be. I am able to walk on the field every day feeling as if I belong and knowing that I am meant to be there. I could not have imagined that this is how I would start off my college career!!” - M Kovacs, University of Oregon, Freshman, Lacrosse


“I want to thank you for the wonderful job you did with our son.  When we brought him to you his self confidence was at an all time low. From the minute my son stepped into your office he formed a connection with you.   After three nights of tryouts last week, the coaches told him he made the team.  I’ve never seen him happier.  Neal, you have exceeded any and all expectations I had when we walked into your office for the first time.  Not only did my son learn how to use his skills and mental game on the court, but he learned so much about using those skills in his everyday life.  It is difficult to express how truly grateful we are for the wonderful work you did with our son.  You have made such a difference in how he looks at so many things that I’m not sure we can ever thank you enough.“  - L. Wish, VA 


"Neal…I wanted to tell you how well Laurie swam the last several meets. This week before she swam at Divisionals where she took off about half a second and had a new lifetime best. This past Saturday at All Stars , Laurie was amazing. She took another whole second on her 50m back. It was an amazing thing to watch. She looked like a different swimmer. I would like to say thank you. You and Laurie have accomplished what I believed to be the impossible.” - Linda Bracaglia, VA


"Since joining us Neal has designed and implemented a cutting edge mental training program for our juniors - that is second to none.  Neal's expertise complemented our professional and scientific approach to training juniors ." - Champions Center [JTCC], College Park MD


"I was so impressed by the depth and coverage of the assessment delivered by Claire. It identified potential injury risks and weaknesses that nobody had identified before. Claire is incredibly thorough in her work and I would recommend her to anyone who is serious about improving their performance." - Jennifer , VA


“Neal Bowes was able to evaluate my son’s mental game and provide exercises, training and expertise that made my son successful during a very difficult situation. Because of that, our son continues to work with Neal because it has made him a stronger, more confident soccer player.” - K.Morton, Ohio


"Claire’s level of work and professionalism is different to anything I have experienced in sport. The range of tests was great and really helped me understand both my strengths and limits physically. I really feel the work we did was specific to me and I cannot begin to thank her for the differences it has made to my ability this year. Not only have I improved but I am injury free for the first time in my career." - Sam , VA  


"Neal has excellent interpersonal skills, and is both likeable and approachable. As a former professional sportsperson, he is empathetic to the nature of the demands facing elite sports people, and, importantly, he is able to relate his theoretical & experiential knowledge to those with whom he works.“ - Clive Brewer, Long-term athlete development, Sport Scotland


“Neal, I used a lot of the techniques you gave me...and I have now qualified for the games. I would like to thank you a lot for making this qualification possible.” - Allen Julie, Sailor Olympic Games  2000 Sydney & 2004 Athens


“Neal has been instrumental in developing a training program for our staff that focuses on child centered learning. This program helps the child set his/her own goals based upon their age and ability and most importantly allows them to achieve success through setting individual achievable goals. We still continue to use the curriculum and the feedback we receive from the 50,000 campers each summer is still extremely positive. We feel that the curriculum Neal designed has helped keep us at the forefront of the soccer camp industry in the United States. His delivery is excellent, making each session fun, challenging, thought provoking and overall a great learning experience. Neal’s work has been instrumental in keeping Challenger Sports at the forefront of the soccer camp industry in the United States.” - Alan Jones, Vice President - Challenger Sports Corporation USA, USSF A


“Neal...has helped the sailors prepare for their international competitions, for example, the World Championships held in Tasmania in 2003. The psychology support was motivational and inspirational for the individual sailors and directly helped then prepare for the forthcoming competition using techniques such as mental rehearsal, dealing with anxiety, etc” - Duncan Truswell, National Junior Squads Manager RYA


"Neal Bowes has made a tremendous impact on my golf game. Not only have I improved and taken my game to the next level, but I am enjoying golf like never before. Before working with Neal I would set goals, but not have the tools, techniques, or focus to improve. One session with Neal made me instantly improve and more importantly understand how to continue to improve and to reach my goal. He is a true professional in his approach and preparation. He is extremely easy to work with and an excellent teacher. I would recommend him to anyone with the desire to improve and to understand that improving is about focusing on the process." - Tim Luwis, 8 HCP Golfer, VA


“Neal attended numerous England U16 training camps in preparation for the European Six Nations tournament. Neal was an integral part of the management team within the squad and players responded in a very positive way to the various sessions he ran...and they found him to be approachable, friendly and supportive at all times. The assistance of Neal during this period was extremely worthwhile to both the players and the management team alike” . - Peter Dennis, England U16 Field Hockey Coach


“Neal worked along side me for two years helping to deliver the Sport Psychology Support program to the Great Britain and England’s Men’s Hockey squads. Neal’s main strengths lie in his ability to apply theoretical concepts to enhancing performance. He has excellent communication skills and his educational inputs were of the highest standards. As a result he was in high demand by the players. Feedback from the players gave a clear indication that he gave a very positive contribution with regard to improving their performance.” - Dr. Roger Mace, Sport in Mind Consultancy


“Neal’s ability as a sport psychologist meant that his input to our coach training programs ensured they were different, more interesting and far more effective than other programs I have encountered. His excellent delivery and motivational style encourages, excited, and even inspired many young coaches.” - Mel Davies UEFA A license, Tutor/coach mentor Cardiff City FC


“Neal’s style develops a players confidence and self-belief without them realizing it is happening! The coaching curriculum that Neal has designed not only develops a player’s confidence but also encourages maximum participation and maximum enjoyment! On a personal level I can only speak with the highest regard and respect for Neal as a player and a coach educator. His coaching methods would benefit any coach of any ability in any sport! It is a simple coaching method with highly successful results. I have been lucky to have worked with Neal over a 6 year period and I will continue to ask Neal for advice on my players as I feel his style and approach to coaching is a real must for any coach or player. As a coach educator, I will continue to hold Neal and his coaching style and curriculum with the highest acclaim and I cannot stress how positive Neal’s influence has been on my personal development as a coach educator." - John Morris, Huddersfield Town AFC Academy Coach, UEFA B Licence


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